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Letter to the editor
"You are absolutely, positively correct in your assessment of Marcia’s journalistic skills – she’s becoming a real expert on our industry with a truly fresh perspective."
Charles Malone, VP International Sales Asia, Pacific & Middle East, FedEx


"Lynxs CargoPorts is a dynamic, but small company with no in-house media expertise. Having Marcia on our media team allows us to tap into her years of experience, contacts and talents when we need to. Marcia is responsive, qualified and a pleasure to work with."
Raymond J. Brimble, Chairman
Lynxs Holdings LLC


“I hired Marcia to help me with a major speech I gave for the soft launch of our new software service. I was impressed with the outline and ideas that she provided me. The outcome was that I was well prepared, coached and hit on all points my audience anticipated.”
Steve Ferreira, President
Ocean Freight Auditing


“Marcia's research abilities, her in-depth understanding of the airlines and transportation industries and her connections in the media surrounding those markets has been a great resource for us and I'm sure we'll depend her even more for the coming year.”
Jon Montgomery, Creative Director AirClic

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Copywriting specialist in Internet of Things (IoT)

Need a writer who understands IoT across industries and disciplines? The IoT is a rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors, according to a Business Insider article by Andrew Meola (“Internet of Things devices, applications & examples.” December 19, 2016).

Startups, supply chain software companies, controls integrators, specialty contractors, HVAC manufacturers and computer peripheral manufacturers are among the clients served by Marcia Jedd & Associates for copywriting and media relations involving IoT-based products, services and applications. Clients appreciate the ability to outsource to a marketing communications specialist who not only understands the IoT but can write about it intelligently

More about the IoT

The IoT brings together objects and sensors as communication data points under a web-based system to coordinate functions with or without human intervention. In other words, the IoT puts  connectivity and intelligence into devices. Our lives will be affected at a fundamental level by the IoT as big data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence intersect with humans and machines.

In 2018, consumer IoT-based devices, such as digital assistance devices and fitness trackers, are estimated at over 7 billion connected things. Did you know that businesses (cross-industry and verticals) will employ approximately 4.1 billion IoT-connected devices in 2018? And cross-industry devices such as those in the smart building and building automation marketplace (LED lighting, HVAC and other building systems) will lead business IoT growth. Source: Gartner, Inc. reports “Forecast: Internet of Things” and “Forecast Alert: Internet of Things,” 2016.

IoT-related copywriting services:

Article placement, pitching the media, including trade journals
Bylined article writing
Case studies
Press releases and distribution
Technical writing
Web content
White papers and e-books, CEO papers

Copywriting and PR experience with these IoT-related topics:

Building automation systems (BAS)
Building management systems (BMS)
HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)
Manufacturing, Industry 4.0
Networked lighting
Smart buildings
Supply chain management
Transportation and logistics