Content Marketing Podcasts
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Marketing Communications Audio Series

Listen to short (3-minute-plus) podcasts on topics that define the basics of popular content assets and how-to develop and market these pieces with an emphasis on B2B markets.

Podcast #1

Click for Pdf of Whats in you Thought Leadership?What's in your Thought Leadership?
Content Marketing at its Best

Marcia Jedd discusses the origins of "thought leadership" and how it forms the foundation of great marketing communications.


Podcast #2

Click for Pdf of White Papers versus E-Books White Papers versus E-Books

Marcia Jedd discusses the basic elements of white papers and mini e-books. What are the differences? How do I market a white paper versus an e-book?


Podcast #3

Click for Pdf of The 4 Essentials of Case StudiesThe 4 Essentials of Case Studies

Marcia Jedd talks about case studies, do's and don'ts in creating case studies and how to market them. Learn why case studies are one of the most effective, credible forms of content marketing.

 More audio podcasts coming soon!


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