Launching a business? Questions to Answer 

For entrepreneurs, business owners and new business development managers...

Developing your business plan?  Marcia Jedd provides marketing research services to help organizations define and uncover their marketplaces. Consider finding answers to these questions when launching a new product, service or entirely new business: 

Marketing Research Questions for each business plan section

I. Company background

What business are you in?

What is your goal?

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

II. Products/Services

Do your products/services offer a benefit your target market really wants?

How does this benefit separate you from the competition?

Is this benefit unique and/or difficult to copy?

What is your price for the product/service?

III. Market

Who is your target market?

What does your target market need?

How do you plan to reach your target market with information on your products/services?

How does your competition reach your target with information on their products/services?

How will you promote your products/services?

How will you determine where to locate your business?

IV. Competition

Who is your competition?

What products/services does your competition offer?

What are your competition’s strengths and weaknesses?

What perceptions does your target market have about the competition?

V. Management

What special background do you or your staff have to make your business succeed?

How does our background compare to that of the competition?

VI. Financial Data

What is your competition charging for their products/services?

How much of your profit will you reinvest in sales and marketing efforts?

How will you revise and update products or services?

How much of the business do you believe you can capture in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?

What does it cost to make your product/offer your service?

Are there figures available showing what industry averages are for costs?

For product businesses, how much inventory must you maintain?

How fast are invoices paid in the industry?