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"I call on Marcia because I know she has the resources and background to deliver the specific information I need, when I need it. She is detail oriented, personable to work with, deadline driven, and passionate about meeting our needs. She not only fulfills the assignment, but adds value with her suggestions and smart questions."
Bryan Iwamoto
VP and Creative Director
Hanley-Wood Integrated Marketing


"Your article was masterful! You captured exactly the right tone and balance between urban and suburban developments and you certainly managed to cram in a ton of content. Thanks for your good work."
Judy Monn, Associate Editor
for Marketing Publications
Star Tribune


"Marcia did an excellent job researching the product with our product marketing managers and creating fresh words on a technology that she had very little understanding of at the start of the process. She met her deliverables on time, within budget, and with no fuss. We had very few, if any, edits to her initial drafts. Marcia is also great to work with - she mixes well with everyone, has great patience, and goes with the flow."
Veena Vadgama
VP Marketing Communications
Network Instruments

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Why Marcia Jedd & Associates?

Frustrated with poorly written copy that doesn't get the point across? Do you need a fresh voice? A replacement writer?

Helping you tell your story

Storytelling is a tall task. No matter what you are creating — from short webcopy to a complex case study — there's an alchemy that goes into great writing. 

Many organizations run into trouble when trying to communicate their company news, product and service offerings, marketing messages and customer stories:

  • Marketing managers and in-house communicators may not have the time or resources at hand to get the facts straight or strike the right tone.
  • Outsource writers, lacking experience in an industry or deeper analytical skills, may miss the mark on content or voice, draining budgets and patience.

Synthesis of information that takes copy to the next level

Better writing for best positioning starts with a process. Chief writer Marcia Jedd takes a research-based approach to ferret out the facts, glean insights and devise angles that create compelling content.

Discover expectations
Perform background research
Ask questions

Words that resonate

As a creative and technical writer, Marcia Jedd brings the vision and attention to detail your project needs. She draws on a deep well of business and practical experience that includes journalism, marketing research and PR to hit the right tone.

Elevate your marketing communications with Marcia Jedd & Associates.

Contact Marcia Jedd or call 612.805.1425.


content that sings

Marcia Jedd gets the story straight by helping you define the voice and vision of the piece or project upfront, gathering all the messy details and as a journalist, asking all the right questions. And then she goes to work to produce content that sings.