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I wanted you to know how invaluable your research for my latest book has been. Not only were you able to find tons of facts and necessary statistics for my work, you also paved the way with people who are now endorsing the book because they first heard about it through you! Your hands-on, speedy and personal approach have provided many valuable contacts, as well as a CD and files full of facts my staff and I continue to utilize.
Jan Hoistad, Ph.D. – Author
Big Picture Partnering: 16 Weeks to a Rock-Solid Relationship


"Marcia went above and beyond the project, using both secondary and primary research. She was creative in her approach to competitors and tenacious in gathering information from a myriad of resources including the Internet, library, associations and even personal friends. Her work made a huge difference to my client as to whether or not to pursue their project."
Brad Lantz, President
JBL Marketing Services

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Marketing Research Services

Good marketing research sets the foundation for marketing strategy and business plans while supporting a host of other critical business decisions. Great marketing research not only presents information clearly but delivers the insights you need to make the best decisions and move your business forward. If you need more information about a product, service, market or competitor, look no further than the marketing research services of Marcia Jedd & Associates to find answers for you. 

Areas of Specialization:

Library and online research
Comprehensive industry analysis
Competitive analysis
Customer and vendor interviews
One-on-one interviews, executive interviews and phone surveys
Survey design

Business Process Experience:

Competitive intelligence
Strategic planning
Business planning: product and service development
New business evaluation
Marketing-communications plan development